Ababa Safari Tours And Travel

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Ababa Safari Tours And Travel is an indigenous East African safari company based in Kampala, Uganda, specialized in Uganda and Rwanda Safaris and Tours. We excel at creating thoughtful itineraries to exciting Eco hot spot destinations in Uganda and East Africa as a region and we can help you design your own itinerary.

Our main strengths are in organizing Gorilla Safaris Birding Tours, Chimpanzee, General Wildlife Safaris and sport fishing, Unique Cultural Safaris. Mountain climbing…

Shinzelle Safaris

More great info from the Safari Traveller http://www.yourafricansafari.com/african-safari-tour-operator/shinzelle-safaris

Shinzelle Safaris is a proud service provider of authentic full day and overnight safari experiences in the iconic Kruger National Park, in South Africa

Our passion is to share the countless wonders of nature that Africa has on offer from the comfortable yet thrilling vantage point of an open safari vehicle, with every detail being interpreted by a knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated professional field guide.