Packing for your safari holiday can seem a daunting task, so we’ve provided some handy tips to help you out. Firstly, your bag mustn’t be over 15kgs and must be a soft hold-all. Any excess baggage can be stored. Colour is important on safari, all your clothing should preferably be neutral colours: khaki, olive etc. Avoid white, bright colours, dark colours and black. Camouflage is also a no-go. Also make sure you take and drink plenty of water whilst on safari.


Good walking shoes and socks are a must to avoid discomfort and injury. Make sure they are well worn-in before your arrival.
Trousers for cooler mornings and evenings and to save you from mosquitos are also important. Ideally, find some trousers that can be turned into shorts so you can cool down as the temperature hots up.

Long sleeved t-shirts are also important to save your skin from the sun and to keep you protected from mosquitos.
A sunhat will help to shield your eyes, neck and face from the sun and will also help prevent against sunstroke.
Bringing along a pair of good sunglasses allows you to keep a constant eye on the horizon without squinting, which also means you are less likely to gain a headache.
Even some of the smaller lodges have pools, and without a swimsuit you won’t be able to enjoy the water.
In the early morning and evenings it can get chilly, so a fleece and/or windproof jacket is ideal.


In some lodges there won’t be room to spread out your toiletries, so a wash bag to hold them all is ideal.
Make sure you bring a first aid kit including plasters, antihistamines and painkillers.
Sunblock and insect repellents are a must, and you may also wish to bring after-sun just in case you do catch the sun.
Bringing along some books on wildlife to use whilst out in the field and when relaxing in your free time means you’ll get much more out of your experience.
Bring a day bag to hold your water, books, spare batteries, spare memory cards etc.


Everyone must have a set of their own binoculars as there is nothing worse than having to share or just not being able to see what’s being pointed out to you.
Bring along a camera or two and make sure you have all the appropriate extras such as lenses and cleaner, filters, gorillapod/monopod/beanbag and spare batteries and memory cards.

lodge photoTraveling to a new location is a great way for people to expose themselves to something new. Generally when people are taking a safari trip, though, it is nearly impossible to figure out where to stay. This is when people need to know about some of the features the best safari lodge or lodges will have. When people are aware of these common features, it is easy for them to find the best lodge to stay at.

Guides is one of the features every one of these lodges tends to offer. When a lodge is not offering a guide service, they generally have a contract with another group to guide people around the region. However, the best lodges have a guide on staff who can answer questions before a tour, but also be available to people after the tour as well.

Spacious rooms are a rarity in most of the places people travel to. However, with the lodges at these locations they generally have a variety of options available. For example, people may find they can share a room with the entire tour group, but other times people will notice the lodges offer private rooms for an additional cost.

Typically people will find these lodges are located on or near a nature preserve. When the lodges are close to these locations, people will notice they are able to take a tour of the location, but also have nature right outside of their door. However, people need to make sure they consider the lodges that are close to here, because it will help them in enjoying their trip even more.

Face it, in Africa bugs rule the roost. Even when inside of the buildings the bugs still have a tendency to get through the windows somehow. This is when people should know the lodges tend to air on the side of caution by providing protection around the bed for people to sleep in. The protection people get at the best lodges is generally going to be in good working order, but also will look fresh and clean.

Ability to observe nature from a safe location is key with a lodge. While some people will go hunting, other people only want to take pictures of the animals. Either way, people need to realize they should have a safe location to do this from and this often means the lodge will provide some type of protection for people to observe the animals from.

Taking a trip to Africa to see the beautiful animals is a good way to relax. However, when people are planning out their safari, it is rather hard to determine which location they should be staying at. By knowing some of the features that almost all of the safari lodges offer, it will be easy for people to select the best one to stay at. Then people can easily take the pictures of the animals they are seeing on their trip and brag to their friends about how close they were to the animals.

lodge photoAnyone that wishes to stay in a luxury safari lodge should learn a little more about what to do to make sure is planned for in the right way. The key to making a trip go well and to experience new and exciting places is to do the proper research. Then it’s possible to get the trip planned for and make it likely to go very well.

The lodge will have to be reserved early so that money can be saved. It also helps the person traveling to know that there will be something waiting when they arrive to go to so they aren’t stuck looking frantically for an area to stay in. The earlier a lodge can be booked, the cheaper the price will be for them since most places give discounts when their visitors book far ahead in advance.

The luxury lodge needs to have amenities that make it worth more to stay at. While a place may say that it’s full of luxury, a lot of the times that is just how people try to advertise and dupe less aware travelers. A good rule is to always check for reviews on a place from varying sources to see if there are any people saying they had a terrible time there. Don’t trust a review right on the page for a lodge, because companies generally won’t display anything negative about themselves prominently.

Anyone going on a safari must remember to be safe during it. Never try to leave the group for any reason, and follow the guide when they are giving instructions. Animals are never going to be able to have their actions predicted when they are wild, and the person hosting the safari will have the needed experience to know how to minimize risks. The best way to enjoy an experience like this is to cause little to no interference and just enjoy watching the wildlife. After all, this world is becoming more and more populated so watching exotic animals live naturally is quite a rare experience for most.

A lodge that has luxury conditions isn’t going to be cheap, so it is good to check out as many pictures and reviews as possible before committing to staying at one. It is somewhat difficult for a traveler to just show up to check out a place because they need to know they have a place to stay for sure before leaving. So, the best thing to do would be to research it fully. Travelers may be able to go to video sharing sites to see footage from other visitors so that could help one to determine if it is a quality lodge to stay at.

A luxury safari lodge will be worth the price and effort of going to if this advice is adhered to. Each trip will be different for each person, so things may have to be altered slightly. However, all in all by putting together a plan using these guidelines should make staying in a lodge that much more enjoyable.