safari photoIf you are truly looking to enjoy a unique and memorable adventure, there is nothing quite like booking a trip to experience a Kruger Park safari. Kruger Park is a place tucked away in South Africa that is well known for being one of the most exciting safari locations in the area. Filled with history and legends, Kruger National Park found in South

Africa is a place that makes for an amazing vacation destination whether you are heading out with friends, enjoying time with your family or you are setting plans for your honeymoon. Once you arrive, you will have the ability to enjoy breathtaking landscaping and some of the most incredible African wildlife that the human species has ever laid eyes upon.

To get started, you will find that taking the time to research your options in a trip to Kruger Park will be the best way to tailor a vacation to suit both your travel needs as well as whatever budget that you have to work with. There are a lot of different safari tour options that you can choose from, including those that are affordable for groups or even exclusive, private safari excursions. Basically, no matter what type of a trip you are planning, there is going to be a perfect package that you can choose from to make your adventure just right.

While you are out on your safari adventure in Kruger Park, you will have the ability to get up close and personal to all of the animals that are part of the Big Five in Africa. These animals are the lion, rhinoceros, buffalo, leopard and the elephant. Overall, this type of safari is just right for giving you a peek at some of the most unique wildlife that you will ever lay your eyes on, all while enjoying an authentic safari.

Kruger Park safari adventures will give you the ability to enjoy the wild along with your own personal game ranger who is both friendly and experienced in the field. Once you embark, your ranger will be able to bring you to the best locations for game viewing, teach you all about tracking wildlife or even set out with you on a safe walking safari. It goes without saying that this is one type of adventure that you will never forget for your entire lifetime.

When it comes to lodging, you are going to see that Kruger Park in South Africa is never going to disappoint. Not only are there luxury accommodations and all of the amenities that you could ever ask for, but there are also plenty of incredible dining experiences that you can enjoy during your stay. When you think about it, this is the type of vacation that really brings the best of both worlds into one incredible experience.

Once you are ready to experience a safari in South Africa, you are going to find that Kruger Park is the place to go. When all is said and done, you will leave with a world of knowledge on the area wildlife and plenty of memories to cherish.

hippo photoOne of the best known and most well traveled of the African parks and has many quality types of accommodations. If you are traveling in the park you should make your Kruger National Park accommodation preparations prior to the start of your trip so that you will always have your stay each night planned well ahead.

Kurger National Park was established in 1898 in order to protect the wildlife of the South African lowlands and it contains an unbelievable diversity of wildlife and plant life protected by advanced environmental policies.

This park has various types of facilities such as conference venues, venues for weddings, hides for experiencing sleeping in the wild and experiencing such areas, restaurants, picnic areas, Shops, filling stations, hospitals, banks and ATMs, and swimming pools.

The Kruger National Park has a number of luxury lodges, bush lodges, overnight hides, bushveld camps and main camps. The luxury lodges are in the spirit of the Jock Safari Lodge which was the first private concession to open in the middle of the Kruger National reserve and is located in the southwestern corner of the park. The main lodge features all of the comforts of home with air conditioning, private mini bar, private plunge pool, private bathroom and all of the amenities including an over look of the river. From the lodge an entire panorama of African bush live can be viewed.

Bush lodges are a little less sensational in their accommodations, but are still very comfortable. The Boulders Bush Lodge, for example is located in the majestic rock formations, built on stilts with boardwalks connecting the main area from the rooms. This allows for groups to be together, yet have the privacy they desire. The viewing deck allows the guests a view that is unhindered showing the mopane veld plains that surround a private watering hole where all kinds of game comes to drink.

The Overnight Hides, such as Sable will serve as a bird or animal hide by day, but at night can be transformed into a rather primitive overnight dwelling as dusk approaches. This allows a select few to experience the African night first hand. The Sable Hide overlooks the Sable Dam where there are many varieties of animals which come there to drink. You will experience lions and hippos up close as you experience a true African night.

The bushveld camps such as Sirheni, which is a Tsonga word that means “cemetary” due to an elephant graveyard nearby, allows for an up close experience with the African wildlife as there are often animal kills down by the river. There is a resident leopard who frequents the water and is a looked for animal experience.

The Main Rest Camps such as Crocodile Bridge Rest Camp are mainly resting and viewing areas as people travel, but these areas generally do not have overnight facilities. this camp is noted as the home of the larger portion of the Kruger park Rhino population.

The Kruger National Park accommodation that you choose is going to depend on different factors. They are varied and well-suited to the needs of most types of different travelers and are well kept and very comfortable venues in which to stay while traveling in the area.