lodge photoTraveling to a new location is a great way for people to expose themselves to something new. Generally when people are taking a safari trip, though, it is nearly impossible to figure out where to stay. This is when people need to know about some of the features the best safari lodge or lodges will have. When people are aware of these common features, it is easy for them to find the best lodge to stay at.

Guides is one of the features every one of these lodges tends to offer. When a lodge is not offering a guide service, they generally have a contract with another group to guide people around the region. However, the best lodges have a guide on staff who can answer questions before a tour, but also be available to people after the tour as well.

Spacious rooms are a rarity in most of the places people travel to. However, with the lodges at these locations they generally have a variety of options available. For example, people may find they can share a room with the entire tour group, but other times people will notice the lodges offer private rooms for an additional cost.

Typically people will find these lodges are located on or near a nature preserve. When the lodges are close to these locations, people will notice they are able to take a tour of the location, but also have nature right outside of their door. However, people need to make sure they consider the lodges that are close to here, because it will help them in enjoying their trip even more.

Face it, in Africa bugs rule the roost. Even when inside of the buildings the bugs still have a tendency to get through the windows somehow. This is when people should know the lodges tend to air on the side of caution by providing protection around the bed for people to sleep in. The protection people get at the best lodges is generally going to be in good working order, but also will look fresh and clean.

Ability to observe nature from a safe location is key with a lodge. While some people will go hunting, other people only want to take pictures of the animals. Either way, people need to realize they should have a safe location to do this from and this often means the lodge will provide some type of protection for people to observe the animals from.

Taking a trip to Africa to see the beautiful animals is a good way to relax. However, when people are planning out their safari, it is rather hard to determine which location they should be staying at. By knowing some of the features that almost all of the safari lodges offer, it will be easy for people to select the best one to stay at. Then people can easily take the pictures of the animals they are seeing on their trip and brag to their friends about how close they were to the animals.

safety photoGoing to visit a new and exciting land is the dream of many people, yet some of them do not get the chance to make this their reality. If you have been considering going to Africa, it is a good idea to educate yourself before making any plans. Here are several useful tips to keep in mind when planning African holidays.

The Cost Of Your Trip

Many people are intimidated about traveling to Africa because they assume that all African holidays are far beyond their financial reach. The reality is that there are trips that can fit into any budget. Holidays can be customized with different options in order to cut costs. For example, you can stay in a small inn instead of a luxury hotel. It is also a good idea to travel during the low season (November-June) if you are looking for a better deal.


You may watch television often and see information about all of the violence in Africa. It is important for you to understand that every country in Africa is not the same. While there are countries that constantly experience unrest, there are many that are peaceful. Do not allow bias to get in the way of you experiencing a fun, exciting holiday.

Before entering some African countries, you may be required to have vaccinations. This will help safeguard you against contracting illnesses and diseases. The best way to handle this would be to talk to your primary care physician. They should be able to tell you which vaccinations you may need. Make sure that you ask a few months ahead of time since some of the vaccinations may need a certain amount of time before they are effective.


The African unit of currency is the Rand and you need to check out the exchange rates before heading on your trip. These rates fluctuate all of the time and they are different depending on the country you are traveling to. While you may generally travel with credit cards, this is not recommended since some parts of Africa do not have ready access to ATMs. If there are available ATMs, you may be subject to foreign transaction fees, which can be quite costly.

Being Flashy

This is something that should be avoided during your trip. While you were told earlier that all parts of Africa are not violent, it is not wise to show off and make yourself a target. This is the reality for all places you are not familiar with, so do not let this deter you from planning a holiday in Africa. Wear modest clothing, leave super-expensive electronics at home and rent a modest car instead of something that is more luxurious.

Going to Africa is an experience that will give anyone memories to last a lifetime. If you are planning to go on an African holiday, it would be a good idea to follow all of the guidelines that were given to you here.