WildTrek Safaris

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WildTrek Safaris Ltd. with offices in United States and Kenya specializes in offering travel programs in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Our focus is on quality travel experiences with an emphasis on enhancing the travelers knowledge of Wildlife & ecology as well as cultural and social issues.

Our goal is for all travelers to return home with more than just memorable photos, but also with a greater appreciation and understanding of natural and cultural history.

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If you mosey on down the R62 in the Western Cape, you’ll discover a world of deliciousness that can only be found in this corner of the country. It’s called the Brandy Route and on the way you will stop by a few small towns that produce the world’s best brandy.

Maua Adventures

More great info from the Safari Traveller http://www.yourafricansafari.com/african-safari-tour-operator/maua-adventures

Maua Adventures was born in Tanzania – Africa with experienced indigenous guides. We are dedicated in offering Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing, Mount Meru Trekking, Beach Holidays, Tanzania Cultural Tourism Programmes, as well as Tanzania renowned wildlife game drives. Maua Adventures is happily welcoming you to Tanzania and if you are keen on community support we have all the connection please let us know your area of interest.